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 WARNING: Designing your own infinite cashflow blueprint will potentially kick off a revolutionary new ascension program inside of your business. We've seen a doubled average cart value, 6-7 figures in gross sales in under a year, an endless array of clients ascending to  high ticket offers, a raving fan base that hangs off every word, and more. 

The Infinite Cashflow Blueprint Will Show You How To...


Creator of the Infinite Cashflow Blueprint

What if I told you that you are a few clicks away from laying the groundwork for an Infinite Cashflow System that holds the power to explode your monthly revenue and effortlessly ascend even brand new audience members to your high ticket offers? 

Sounds great right? But there's more...
The Infinite Cashflow Blueprint is FREE for the first time ever!

How would it feel to…

  • Receive expert guidance on the next steps you need to complete in order to maximize cashflow in your business. 
  • ​Solidify an offer that’s proven to drive infinite cashflow for your business (rather than waste time putting together an offer that’s not guaranteed to work). 
  • ​Generate passive cashflow in your business (maybe 5 or even 6 figures a month) in 2021. 

What could infinite cashflow mean for your business? For your LIFE?

But maybe you’re not sure where to start, or you’re worried your blueprint won’t drive the tangible results you’re searching for… 

If that’s how you feel, you’re not alone. I’ve been there myself!

Maybe right now you're thinking…

“I’m overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to start.” 

“I’m not as fancy or influential as my competitor. My audience might as well unsubscribe now.”
“I don’t have the budget to build out a new program for my tribe.”

“I don’t really even have the time to spend hours a day learning HOW - let alone implementing.”

But I don’t blame you for thinking that way!
There are some crazy complicated (and EXPENSIVE) programs out there that promise massive impact and cashflow without any substance. 
But here’s what makes this blueprint different: 

The Infinite Cashflow System is a proven system that I personally use and rely on each and every day. It’s brought in over 7 figures of passive cashflow for my very own business. 
Take it from someone who’s been there:

There is no better way to scale your business faster than ever, and effortlessly ascend clients to every level of your business in a matter of weeks.

Establishing an Infinite Cashflow System is the best way to scale your business faster than ever, and effortlessly ascend clients to every level of your business in a matter of weeks. 

Bottom line: achieving your cashflow goals is easier than you think. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you the answer has to be time-consuming, arduous, and expensive. 
In fact, the Infinite Cashflow Blueprint provides the pathway to impacting your audience long-term, and generating the cashflow you deserve. 

Your success with the Infinite Cashflow Blueprint has nothing to do with...

  • How amazing your core offer is
  • ​How many hours you hustle, sacrificing time with your family
  • ​How much money you’ve thrown at other programs that promised success

That competitor who seems to have it all and hustle the hardest… 

Guess what?

They don’t have any more talent or likability than you do. 

The only difference is this: 

THEY have figured out a way to leverage the ONE thing that’s the hottest currency in any industry - ATTENTION!

So how do we capture that same commodity, maintain audience attention, and turn it into cashflow?

By creating an Infinite Cashflow System that meets your audience where they are and ascends them to where they want to be, resulting in impact for them and everlasting cashflow for you…

It’s time to put together the building blocks of an Infinite Cashflow System that’s customized to fit your business, indoctrinate your audience, and ascend them in your value ladder, from hello to high ticket.

All of this awaits you in my Infinite Cashflow Blueprint for FREE at the link below!

The FREE Infinite Cashflow Blueprint Creates An Endless Stream Of Revenue...

For starters (pun intended!), you’ll get access to the Infinite Cashflow Starter Kit: a plug-and-play system that helps you kick-start the creation process of your very own impact-driven, profit-focused front-end offer for your business. The training inside the Infinite Cashflow Starter Kit sets you on the path to…

  • Gaining predictable revenue and consistent consumers through your Infinite Cashflow System.
  • ​Building a platform to sell a more compact version of your high ticket offer to a warmer audience.
  • ​Providing a hub for raving fans who can’t wait to consume your content and throw their credit cards at you.

PLUS, it’s simple enough to put together in a matter of weeks, and see the cashflow coming in just as fast!

These are the same cutting-edge strategies I’ve used to build my very own Infinite Video Impact Challenge, which is my highest converting offer to date!

And why does this system work so well?

Because it’s organized, efficient, and evergreen. 
It provides an incubator for your clients (warming them up to your message and ascending them in my value ladder all the way to high ticket) with no signs of slowing down!

This is just ONE element of the Infinite Cashflow Blueprint… There’s a whole lot more inside!

Here’s What You’ll Get With Your Infinite Cashflow Blueprint Today

  Infinite Cashflow 
Video Training

Value: $497

Especially for the visual learners, this is packed with expert video trainings to guide you through every step of the Irresistible Prelaunch Formula, the Nurturing Sequence Blueprint, and the Conversion Process. By the end of these trainings, you’ll have a clear idea of what’s required for a high-converting Infinite Cashflow System of your own!

  Infinite Cashflow
Implementation Guide

Value: $297

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide and checklist of everything you need to implement your brand new Infinite Cashflow System, from your pre-launch formula and daily tasks to the steps involved in pitching your high-ticket offer.

  The Infinite Cashflow
Blueprint Worksheet

Value: $297

Keep track of your progress and map out your next steps with the help of your Infinite Cashflow Blueprint Worksheet. Even if you don’t have a converting offer ready to ascend your future students into, this resource will ensure that you have a lucrative plan in place to not only build out your front-end offer, but fully construct the offer that comes next.

  Infinite Cashflow Workshop

Value: $997

Learn How To Build An Infinite Cashflow System That Brings In Massive Leads For Your Business Month After Month
(So you have an Infinite Cashflow Loop!)! This 6 part video series will walk you through it all, starting with crafting an irresistible front end offer to effortlessly ascending customers who crave your high ticket offer on autopilot! Knock your business goals out of the park with this amazing workshop series!

  ALL 6 Infinite Cashflow Workshop Recordings

Value: $1,997

BONUS Until November 27th ONLY!

Knock your business goals out of the park with lifetime access to all 6 Infinite Cashflow Workshop session recordings. Even if you missed the live filming of these sessions, it’s not too late to use the recordings to your advantage. Learn the most pivotal strategies that I’ve used to execute an infinite cashflow loop inside my own business, and how you can do the same!

Launching Your Infinite Cashflow System In 3 Easy Steps...

The Irresistible Pre-Launch Formula

Set up your launch in such a way that your audience can’t wait to consume your content! With the help of these trainings, you’ll learn how to create your front end and self liquidating offers, and learn the steps we used to get our audience to throw their credit cards at us. 

Nurturing Sequence Blueprint

Show your audience what’s possible for them by taking them on a sales journey! Your nurturing sequence will show your audience the way forward, beyond your front-end offer to your high ticket offer. This isn’t just about providing content that’s entertaining or educational, it’s about creating a transformation that leads to the transaction.

The Conversion Process

With your audience warmer than ever and in demand for your latest offer, the next step in your conversion process makes selling your high ticket offer happen easily with very little resistance. We’ll show you the exact process for pitching them your highest ticket offer and effortlessly ascend them in your value ladder.

Total Value =  $2,088

Now Only = FREE!

It’s Never Been Easier To Turn Passive Viewers Into High Ticket Buyers...


The Infinite Cashflow Blueprint Is For Those That...

  • Tried to build a course on their own… but it’s never quite taken off, and going back to the drawing board is getting old.
  • ​Want to invest in a tried-and-true system that not only provides RESULTS, but is easy to implement and keep running on autopilot for years to come.
  • ​Those ready to uplevel their impact, maximize their cashflow, and ascend new clients in every level of their value ladder. From hello, to high ticket!

Ready To Scale Your Impact And Cashflow Like Never Before?


A little more about myself and how the Infinite Cashflow System was born...

A little more about myself and how the Infinite Cashflow System was born…

I’m Marley Jaxx - content strategist, business acceleration coach, and CEO of Jaxx Productions. I’ve helped some of the most legendary entrepreneurs - like Daymond John, Cristy Code Red, Alex Charfen, and Stephen Larsen - to turn their content into cashflow. 
In 2019, I built and launched my 21-day Infinite Video Impact challenge with the goal of making video marketing easy for anyone to pick up and apply. The rest is history, with my recent #InfiniteImpactArmy students enjoying successes like adding $21,000 in monthly recurring revenue after just 3 weeks. 
Regardless of niche or industry, I want to help YOU achieve results just like this for your business. Above all, I want to relieve the stress of content creation from your shoulders so you can get back to doing what you love, while your content generates cashflow on autopilot. 
The Infinite Cashflow Blueprint is the EXACT strategies and processes that I used to build my challenge and bring in 7 figures of passive cashflow! 

Click the button below to start building your Infinite Cashflow System today, and secure passive cashflow for tomorrow. 

Love your faces! 

-Marley Jaxx

I’m Marley Jaxx, a Video Agency Owner, Business Acceleration Coach, Omnipresent Content Strategist, and a thought leader in the digital marketing industry. I’ve consulted for agencies, several million dollar companies, and many startup businesses. 

I built my Infinite Video Impact Challenge with the goal of making video marketing easy for anyone to pick up and apply; with my clients enjoying recent successes like adding $21,000 in monthly recurring revenue after just 3 weeks of my program. 

I want to help YOU achieve results just like this for your business! I have a passion for amplifying entrepreneurs and I’ve worked tirelessly to develop a method that empowers entrepreneurs to create massive impact and profit without sacrificing the important things in life, like sleep and family time. 

After creating this challenge and watching the lives of so many entrepreneurs change, I just knew I had to create a blueprint and give it to the world. 

The Infinite Cashflow Blueprint is the EXACT strategies and processes that I used to scale beyond 6 figures! 

We made it easy for you to replicate and build your own Infinite Cashflow System, just click the button below to get started today. 

Love your faces! 

-Marley Jaxx

I’m Ready To Build My Own Infinite Cashflow System!

Here’s What Implementing An Infinite Cashflow System Has Done For Others...

Imagine what building an Infinite Cashflow System would do for you. 

1 Round of Our $47 Challenge Course

It’s time to start building an Infinite Cashflow System that explodes your monthly revenue and effortlessly ascends (even brand new) audience members to your high ticket offers.

Get ready, because it all starts NOW! Grab your blueprint today!

Now Only = FREE

Frequently Asked Questions About The Infinite Cashflow Blueprint

What kind of business is this meant for?

My aim is to help agency owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and online influencers make their mark on the world. 

Regardless of your industry, if you have (or plan to have) your own coaching, course, or service-based business, this course provides a great way to scale your offer to your audience!

To ensure best results, it’s recommended (but not mandatory) that you begin this course with a pre-existing email list or social media audience.

How is this different from other courses that are similar?

I don’t have to tell you that there are too many fluffy programs out there that don’t fulfill their promises. 

Rather than focusing on vanity metrics like followers and subscribers, this program walks you through the process of owning your audience’s attention and ascending them in your value ladder, from hello to high ticket. In this way, you’re scaling your business faster than ever, and adding new clients to every level of your business in a matter of weeks.

I don’t have a converting offer yet. Can I still get a blueprint?

Yes! If you’re planning to create an offer, this blueprint will provide you with the building blocks to create a platform to test it. However, an existing audience will help you take full advantage of the tools outlined in this course.

I already took the Infinite Video Impact Challenge. How is this different?

If you’ve taken the Infinite Video Impact Challenge and are interested in creating something similar to market to your own audience, this is the blueprint for you! We’ll walk you through the process of kick-starting an Infinite Cashflow System that’s customized to fit your business and ready to debut to your industry.

What exactly is inside the Infinite Cashflow Blueprint?

This course serves as a blueprint for introducing you to the processes involved in creating your own impact-driven, profit-focused, front end offer. More specifically, your Infinite Cashflow Blueprint includes: the Infinite Cashflow System video training, implementation checklist, Infinite Cashflow Blueprint Worksheet, the Infinite Cashflow Workshop training, group support, and exclusive invites to get direct help from Team Jaxx.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes! You'll receive emails each day with access to the training and your corresponding action item to implement into your business. You’ll receive all the easy-to-follow instructions on what to expect from the blueprint, where to find content, and more! 

Need More Proof? Our 21-Day Challenge Has Changed The Face Of Jaxx Productions

Let’s Start Building An Irresistible, Cashflowing System That Explodes Your Monthly Revenue & Effortlessly Ascends (Even Brand New) Audience Members To Your High Ticket Offers!

It’s simple. We’ll do it together!
All you have to do is follow the trainings and track your progress.
Ready to build your Infinite Cashflow System to success? 
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